Install error OPENSSL_Applink

I uninstalled an old installation of Anaconda, and now when I try to install Anaconda or Miniconda I get this error . I have tried:

  1. Running as administrator
  2. Restarting my computer
  3. Manually deleting everything anaconda I could find
  4. manually installing OpenSSL in the Windows directory and in the OpenSSL /bin.
  5. Installing system wide and per user.
  6. Installing a different version
  7. I even reinstalled Windows (not a fresh install, I’m not going that far).

It worked fine before as far as I know, but I hadn’t ran it in a while. Please let me know if any more details are necessary. I’d really like to get this resolved.

OPENSSL_Uplink(00007FFE51609C88,08): no OPENSSL_Applink
::error:: Failed to link extracted packages to C:\ProgramData\anaconda3!

me too,Did you solve this problem?