I'm really confused by zsh and bash - please help!

Hi, Sorry I’m really confused with ZSH and bash and I think I’ve got something fundamentally wrong,

I’ve been trying to get Anaconda Navigator working properly on my M1 Mac running Ventura 13.1 - Anaconda Navigator itself loads and works - Spyder loads as does Jupiter etc… My problem is concerning terminal where I think I’ve made a mistake with how my computer’s ZSH file is configured. I’d be really very grateful for some guidance.

I think (a few months back) I read something that made me make a change (or some changes) to ZSH from bash. This is all completely new to me. I’m not sure I’ve got the contents of the .zshrc file in my home directory correct with regards to Anaconda (or at all for that matter). The ONLY contents of my user .zshrc file was the following - are there any errors in this?:

>>> conda initialize >>>

!! Contents within this block are managed by ‘conda init’ !!

__conda_setup=“$(‘/Users/name/opt/anaconda3/bin/conda’ ‘shell.zsh’ ‘hook’ 2> /dev/null)”
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
eval “$__conda_setup”
if [ -f “/Users/name/opt/anaconda3/etc/profile.d/conda.sh” ]; then
. “/Users/name/opt/anaconda3/etc/profile.d/conda.sh”
export PATH=“/Users/name/opt/anaconda3/bin:$PATH”
unset __conda_setup

<<< conda initialize <<<

Should there be anything else in the ZSH file except for the above anaconda related instructions?

When I open terminal some things just don’t seem to be working correctly - I seem to be getting zsh: command not found: messages

I feel like I’ve fallen at the first hurdle and hope I can get everything set up as it should be, Any pointers on things to check with regards to my Mac ZSH set-up would be most gratefully received.

PS. In the above .zshrc contents, the words in larger bold font are preceded with a # for a note.