How do I start again?

How do I wipe my Mac installation of Anaconda and python so I can start all over again?

I have completely ballsed up the installation, running the Graphical M1 installer, then using conda to install Navigator (because it didn’t install with the installer), then using pip to install PyQtWebEngine because Spyder complained about not having it and it wouldn’t install with conda.

It should be enough to delete the whole of your installation directory (to where the files were copied by the installer) and remove any path and environment variables that were added to your shell’s startup scripts (e.g., ~/.bashrc).

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I see,
So ~ is the home folder and .bashrc is a hidden text file used for settings, which now on my system seems to be called ~/.bash_profile…
and we edit that by hand.

Yes, exactly. .bashrc and .bash_profile are not the same, but both can contain settings that affect your use.