How do I use the virtual environment?

As the question suggest. Usually I just use Jupyter, but I want to learn using the venv, and I feel like I couldn’t learn about this simple thing. They’re supposed to be usable like normal env right? yet I couldn’t even check the installed python much less the django (yes I properly install the django, if by proper I run conda install django after I activate this env)

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dear sbp.

thank you for your posting.
Actually, python’s venv and anaconda’s conda create use a similar mechanism.

They are not fully compatible because they have evolved separately.

Basically, python’s venv is for operating systems such as Linux to enable installation with user privileges when packages (pip install) cannot be installed in python used by System.

Also, anaconda’s conda create exists to make it possible to use each by creating separate environments, for example, when geopanda and tensorflow cannot coexist.

On the other hand, Django exists as a framework for creating web applications, and the purpose of the virtual environment is to allow python (or Ruby, of course) and java to coexist when creating applications. increase.

Even if it’s just a little bit at a time, I hope that you will deepen your knowledge and use it to develop applications that are useful for your work.

Regards, you.