How do I deploy a package to different OS

Hello guys, I am really new to anaconda.
Was following the tutorials, but came to my mind on how can I launch a package for different OS.

It seems if I follow the tutorial it will deploy only for windows. And I got confused with the note on tutorial that is saying;

  • Unix systems require a file,
  • Windows require a bld.bat
  • Both Unix and Windows systems require both a file and a bld.bat file. All packages require a meta.yaml file.`

So if the tutorial example has a was not supposed to build to Unix instead of Windows?

What I need to do to build for both OS?

echo "Building"


  name: conda_gc_test
  version: 1.2.1

  number: 3

    - python
  summary: This is a simple meta-package

Tutorial: Working with packages — Anaconda documentation