I'm confused regarding python version in anaconda

Hello all,

A few days ago I installed the latest anaconda distribution and got a python 3.10 by default !
As I downloaded and installed today on another PC, I got python 3.9 again instaedt .
How can this happen ? (I did no upgrades)
What is the current default python version ?


I’m very surprised to hear you got an installed environment with Python 3.10. Python 3.10 was released in the fall and we’ve been building Python 3.10 packages for all the platforms we support - but some projects do not yet support it, so we do not yet consider it the default for Anaconda. The Anaconda Individual Edition installers from this past fall were built with Python 3.9. The current plan is to release the next installer version with Python 3.9 as well. If you could provide a link or the name of the installer that gave you the Python 3.10 environment that would be very helpful!

Hi @CrystalS ,

meanwhile I remembered that the installation with 3.10 was a Linux version which I installed on CentOS. Since I installed (the community edition of) Anaconda on several Linux and WIndows machines I forgot that 3.10 was only on Linux.
Unfortuntalely I don’t have the link to that installer anymore

(base) root@xxx:~/rpmbuild/BUILD/venv/bin[LGNLX3]# python
Python 3.10.4 | packaged by conda-forge | (main, Mar 24 2022, 17:38:57) [GCC 10.3.0] on linux
Type “help”, “copyright”, “credits” or “license” for more information.


Ah - looks like you installed Miniforge on that machine (it says “packaged by conda-forge”) - and it has Python 3.10.4 as the base. Anaconda & Miniconda currently are still using Python 3.9 as the base.

No ist was the complete Anakonda Linux distribution , it had 3.10 out of the box.