Emails from Anaconda are not being received

I created a new Anaconda Nucleus account but cannot complete the process because I am not receiving the verification email. So far I’ve waited 30 minutes. I’ve checked the spam folder. This is with a Gmail address.

My organization also has a commercial license. My account under the organization was created and verified last year. If I try sending a new verification email for this account this email is also not received (after waiting an hour).

In addition, this was all started by my previously-working organization token becoming suddenly invalid. Attempting to reissue a token simply results in an error banner. We have tried revoking and re-granting my seat, but this became blocked by the email issue.

Edit — Still waiting for emails for both accounts after a day.

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Please click the tile in the bottom left corner of this page to contact our user care team. Here is a direct link as well. Please create the ticket with your account’s email address so we can access the details needed to assist.

Thank you!