Anaconda Pro Token will not validate and wondering if anyone can help

I have been a happy Anaconda customer for over a year but ran into a problem. I was forced to clear my Mac M1’s hard drive due to an original migration issue.
So I reloaded my software manually (including PyCharm Professional) but when I got to Anaconda’s software I couldn’t get it to work.
I applied for a new token but Anaconda never emailed me the token like the site said it would. I found this token attached to my user profile and then pulled up my Anaconda GUI and pasted it there.
It instantly said the token was not valid.

Any tips on getting this new token to work? It was easy for the original Anaconda Pro but this is taking to long.

Hi Robert,

I will work with the team here at Anaconda to assure we get this fixed for you ASAP.


Hi Robert,

I’m happy to assist you, I suggest you to first try to get a new token once more, here are the instructions:

  1. Log into Anaconda Nucleus (Anaconda Nucleus)
  2. Go to this link Anaconda Nucleus
  3. Select the organization at the bottom
  4. Cick on token access
  5. Click on reissue token

Install the conda-token package:

conda install conda-token -n base

Manually set the token:

conda token set --no-ssl-verify <TOKEN>

If you are still seeing problems, please send us a screenshot or the error message so that we can help you better.

Let me know if that worked for you, we are happy to assist you.