Creating new environment no longer includes openSSL by default?

I’ve created many new environments from the Anaconda Prompt in Windows with no issue in the past. I can still create new environments with no issue using:

conda create --name <env_name>

In the past, I would then activate the new environment, install any packages I need using conda install, and continue.

But now, using conda install results in an error saying it can’t connect to the repository because openSSL is not available (which makes sense if openSSL isn’t available, since it needs to use https).

I can get around the issue by creating the environment with openSSL installed:

conda --name <env_name> openssl

and then I can conda install away! (after activating the new environment).

Did something change that made it necessary to explicitly include openSSL in the new environment?

(sorry, I created a duplicate in the general Anaconda topic with too general a title, so added it here with a better title)

I’m not sure about your particular issue but it might be helpful for others if you could show the version of conda you have (conda --version), plus perhaps the base environment packages (which I think can be obtained with conda list -n base --show-channel-urlsbut I’m AFK right now so can’t double check it)

Best of luck getting it working properly :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your reply! Since I posted I updated conda and anaconda, and it does appear that this issue doesn’t reoccur. Unfortunately I don’t know if it was specific to my install or something with that version, but it does NOT appear to be an issue with conda version 23.3.1 and Anaconda 2022.10…

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Glad to hear it’s working for you now! :+1: