Compute time limits

Would be good to clarify in the documentation that high-compute seconds limit is a daily one, took me a bit of Ctrl+F to find out (in fact, initially I assumed it was monthly).

Thanks for the feedback juanlu. We’ll make sure that the documentation calls this out a little more clearly.

Thanks again!

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Sorry, looking at the docs again it says it right there: CPU seconds (daily). I should have looked harder :slight_smile: thanks!

I just signed up and am using a notebook. After some simple programs to get the look and feel down, I’ve already consumed 200 seconds. Do workbooks just stop running after 2000 seconds is used, or does it go to a low compute cycle afterwards? My use case is testing and running some programs where I’m not overly concerned with high compute seconds so long as the program runs. Wondering if my account is just cut-off after 2000 seconds per day. Thank you, J

Welcome to the community jwansack!

After you hit the 2000 second limit, code execution will slow down and execute at a lower priority than other tasks on the server. Once your daily quota resets, you’ll be back up to full speed.

There’s a little more information about this behavior in the docs.

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I had the same question, but from the subscription pricing screen. There it says the Pro plan offers 4000 high-compute seconds, but does not say for what time period. It would help a lot if you added “per day” !

That’s an excellent point, I’ve passed it on to the appropriate people so hopefully we can get that changed :slight_smile: