Anybody working on React+Pyscript?

Is anybody already experimenting with React and Pyscript? I have a few ideas on getting Pyscript working seamlessly with React, and also Redux and ViteJS.

Thereby I hope to leverage what is already there in the frontend ecosystem to build performant user interfaces. The react ecosystem already has a lot of ready built components for us to use.

Integrating with React should be quite straight forward, it will be more of a question of investigating what is most ergonomic, useful and performant.

Switching between native JS and Python components too often is probably not the best idea, but we’ll see.

In terms of Redux, one could use Python Functions as middleware, selectors even reducers themselves. But you would lose type information on the boundary. Selectors are probably the least intrusive and most useful.

Python could also serve as a state management layer, completely replacing replacing Redux, while optionally keeping a native representation layer. I personally like Redux a lot, especially in the powerful combination of Typescript, Reselect, RTK Query and Redux Sagas. But for numerically intensive data models this might be interesting.