My PyScript Tutorial Playlist

I’ve created a YouTube Tutorial Playlist with 11 videos about PyScript. It covers topics like

  • DOM Manipulation
  • CSV Uploading
    and goes all the way to building a Machine Learning Model

Would love to hear your thoughts!



Very good videos on PyScript. Thank you.


Thank you @john.hanley

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Thanks for the playlist. One quick point: please remove “JavaScript killer” from the playlist title.

The PyScript team is not positioning PyScript as a JavaScript killer. Frankly, most uses of JavaScript (e.g. for building performant websites) do not overlap with PyScript.


Thanks @1littlecoder , great initiative :slightly_smiling_face: and thanks @pauleveritt for the comment, +1! We (as a community) should encourage the more positive positioning of PyScript as being additive to Javascript and not an antagonist.


Hi @1littlecoder I’m working on the Awesome PyScript page. I’d like to link to your tutorials. Could you remove the “JavaScript Killer” part first?

Hi Paul, Thank you. I made it Python’s JavaScript Friend. Is that okay ?

Yep, I just added it to the branch that has the (unreleased) awesome-python list. Thanks!

Thank you, Please share the repo link here once when you publish it.

Here’s the branch: GitHub - pyscript/pyscript-collective at pe-awesome-pyscript

Feel free to give some suggestions, even better, join us in the Collective!

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This is amazing. Thanks for sharing.