Anaconda Prompt "The System cannot find the path specified"


I do not know how to solve the problem: Anaconda Prompt “The System cannot find the path specified.” I have looked through many sources, which most, if not all, say to add environmental variables:
C:\Users\(my username)\anaconda3
C:\Users\(my username)\anaconda3\Library\bin
C:\Users\(my username)\anaconda3\Scripts
I have also deleted and reinstalled the application, but nothing is working.

Thanks for any help.

from ktsh.tanaka2020 to jonathan_wu](Profile - jonathan_wu - Anaconda Community)

In case of your trouble, C: \ Users \ (my username) \ anaconda3
C: \ Users \ (my username) \ anaconda3 \ bin
The cause is that Path does not pass through.

Regards, you.