Invalid SSL certificate with Jupyter Lab and Notebook

I installed Anaconda 2.5.2, and then upgraded to 2.6.0 Neither version will Launch Jupyter Lab 4.0.11 Error seems to be related to invalid SSL certificate. Any ideas on a solution? ty

Hey @martywil,

Thanks for using the Anaconda community!

Are you able to provide aby screenshots recordings that display the errors/warnings that you are getting? I’ve had a quick search and the only SSL related errors I can find online are in this thread on StackOverflow, but i’m not sure if it’s the same thing that you’re experiencing?

Thanks and please report back with any findings!

Thanks for the follow up. I switched to a newer PC with less apps installed. I was thinking that over time we customize port settings etc. to have many apps co-exist and that leads to issues with new installs. The newer PC approach worked. I will check your reference for the SSL error. Thanks again!

No problem, you posting here may have helped someone in the future, so always worth doing!

And yees that sounds like it could have introduced problems, glad you’ve found a solution.