Unable to put Token for anaconda business edition

I have installed anaconda navigator and we have bought the anaconda license. the procedure for the business version is,

  1. install anaconda
  2. install token using anaconda prompt.
  3. put token for the anaconda business edition in anaconda prompt

the first two steps are successfully completed. but when i try to put the token using “conda token set” command it gives Error, error unable to post


Could you post or cut/paste a screenshot of the commnds that you used and the error that you are receiving?

When you installed the token package, did you use the commands listed in this documentation:


After launching anaconda navigator, choose the cmd.exe prompt from within navigator, then,

  1. From your prompt, run the following to install the conda token package:

conda install conda-token -n base

  1. Conda will solve the environment. You must enter “y” for yes to proceed with the installation.

  2. You will need to use the terminal to authenticate to Anaconda Business and configure access. In your terminal, run the following command:

conda token set <TOKEN>

Replacing with the token value you received in your email after purchasing a subscription.

  1. Run conda info to see if you are connected to the .cloud repo. It should look like this:
active environment : base
   active env location : /Users/<USERNAME>/Applications/miniconda3
           shell level : 1
      user config file : /Users/<USERNAME>/.condarc
populated config files : /Users/<USERNAME>/.condarc
         conda version : 4.9.2
   conda-build version : 3.18.11
        python version : 3.7.7.final.0
      virtual packages : __osx=10.14.6=0
      base environment : /Users/<USERNAME>/Applications/miniconda3  (writable)
          channel URLs : https://repo.anaconda.cloud/repo/main/osx-64
         package cache : /Users/<USERNAME>/Applications/miniconda3/pkgs
      envs directories : /Users/<USERNAME>/Applications/miniconda3/envs
              platform : osx-64
            user-agent : conda/4.9.2 requests/2.24.0 CPython/3.7.7 Darwin/18.7.0 OSX/10.14.6
               UID:GID : 502:20
            netrc file : None
          offline mode : False