Anaconda Nucleus import csv file

I’m a newbie using a MacBook Pro and struggling to import a csv file using Anaconda Nucleus / Jupyter Notebooks. Here’s what my 1st two lines of code look like [I copied the file path using Finder and have a feeling I"m missing something? Does my file path look correct from a formatting standpoint? I continue to get a file not found error]:

import pandas as pd

dataset = pd. read_csv(“/Users/keith/Sync/ZZ Eskaygee Consulting LLC/Misc/PPP Loans by State/IN_ppp_loans_state. csv”)

Hi there, welcome to the forums!

Is this the notebook service at If so, you’ll need to upload your CSV file to the notebook service (there’s an “upload” icon at the top of the file-management section on the left). Once it’s there, it will be stored in the directory that you uploaded it to, which will be under your home directory.

One thing to note is that your home directory will be a fairly complicated thing, something like /home/23409234903-32423434-34323/. A good way to avoid having to dot that around your code is to use this:

import os
full_path = os.path.expanduser("“~/Sync/ZZ Eskaygee Consulting LLC/Misc/PPP Loans by State/IN_ppp_loans_state. csv”")

The “~” in that path would be converted to /Users/keith on your own machine, but would be converted to the complicated home directory location on the notebook service.



I entered exactly as you suggested and still having issues. Before continuing to trouble shoot this topic, may I ask another question? As a recent subsriber to Anaconda Nucleus, I am in process of completing the 4 courses. In course #1 (Getting started w/ Anaconda) I did NOT load Anaconda onto my Mac. Since the 4 courses use Jupyter Labs vs Notebook, I was under the impression there is nothing to download (all cloud based). Therefore, I skippd the step of installing Anaconda on my Mac. Was this NOT correct on my part? Maybe this is the cause of my issues. Thoughts?

Thanks for your patience with these basic questions. Keith

I thought it might help expedite a resolution to one of my problems by putting together this very brief video of what I’m seeing on my screen. BTW - I’m using a MacBook Pro and the latest Mac OS [Ventura 13.0.1]:

Thank you. Keith

Sorry for the slow reply! Yes, you should certainly be able to do the courses with the cloud notebook service. And that is a really weird problem in your screencast (for which thanks, you’re definitely right that it shows the problem better than any verbal explanation).

Let me get in touch with some of our notebook gurus internally to see if anyone knows what might be causing that weird behaviour.

Hi there – OK, I’ve got some guidance. Would you be willing to let me take a look at your files on the notebook service so that I can try to identify what’s gone wrong? As an admin, I can view them, but of course I can’t do so without your explicit permission.

Yes, you have my permission. If it’s easiest to simply wipe it clean and start me with a new instance that’s fine as well. Since I’m just going through the courses, there is nothing important in the files.

Thank you.


Hi Keith – thanks! I took a look at the files, and it was tricky to work out what was going wrong, so I’ve taken a copy to investigate offline and reset your account to the default setup so that you can get up and running again without waiting. Could you take a look and see if the ability to launch notebooks is back?

Hello Giles. Yes, I am able to relaunch notebooks. When I have time tomorrow, I’ll see if I can tackle the 1st issue I reached out about…importing CSV file.

Thank you for your ongoing help.

Fantastic, thanks for confirming that, Keith!

And yes, please do let us know how you get on with loading the CSV.

Success! Thank you for your help!

Fantastic! Really glad you got there in the end :smiley:

Excellent. It might help to solve the problem I was facing. I dosn’t seems to work without internet but yeah the video is good Enough to understand the Issue and sort out the problem.
Avs Series is also thankful to you.


I’m running into the same problem again, please click link to watch 30 second video demonstrating what I’m seeing:

Thank you.


Hi Keith,

This is really weird! I couldn’t see anything in your old account that would explain that. And while there is presumably something you’re doing that I’m not that is causing this, it’s clearly a UI problem if you can inadvertently get things into such a broken state without some kind of warning. I assume that you don’t remember doing any specific thing that might have got it into that state, as otherwise you would have said.

Have you run any commands in a terminal inside the notebook service – to install new conda environments, or anything like that? And would you be able to do another quick screencast showing what you see in each of the menus at the top (“File”, “Edit”, etc)?

All the best.



Not sure why, but my response is NOT being delivered to you. Here’s the message I’m getting: Sorry you cannot post a link to that host… I can’t send you a video like I did before???

Hmm, it looks like someone flagged your previous post for some reason – I’ll ask the forum moderators if there’s some way for them to undo that. In the meantime, perhaps you can post a link using TinyURL to shorten it?


Here’s tinyurl link: please confirm you received this email and link.


I just replied w/ tinyurl link. let me know if you received it.


Received, thanks! Taking a look now.