Trying to import env from Anaconda Nucleus, just loads for forever

Hi, I recently backed up a conda environment from personal MacBook Pro to Anaconda Nucleus. The backup only took a couple of seconds to create, which was great. I was hoping to import the same environment to my work computer, also a MacBook Pro, so I installed Anaconda Navigator on that computer, too. I selected the backed-up environment from the Import menu, and it appeared that the import had started. However, the import process is taking a considerable amount of time and seems to be stuck at the “Importing environment: /Users/peteberryman/opt/anaconda3/envs/anaconda3_2022011…” step.

Is there any way to know if the import is stuck somewhere or if it is still working properly and just needs even more time? I noticed that the “/Users/peteberryman/opt/anaconda3/envs” directory does not seem to actually exist on my machine. Not sure if that is a problem but thought that could be helpful information.

Any guidance here would be much appreciated!