Anaconda Navigator base environment still at Python 3.8.13

I installed Anaconda Distribution on my Mac about 1.5 years ago. I am on Mac OS 12.5.1 (latest at this time) and my Anaconda Navigator is at version 2.2.0. I frequently update Conda and Anaconda Navigator using the Mac Terminal. However, in my Base environment, Python is still at version 3.8.13.

I am curious as to why Python is not upgraded to version 3.9. Do I need to manually upgrade it to 3.9 in my base environment? If yes, how do I do that? Thanks

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dear Kamil_Rizvi.

thank you for your posting.

Basically, anaconda and its tools are not updated automatically. Of course, it is also possible to install automatically using a shell script.

why are you doing that? Let me explain.

Areas such as computer-assisted data science are still new fields of technology (although scientifically, because of statistics, it’s been around for 200 years). In such areas, frequent program updates make registry management and version control complicated.

Therefore, updating the program is delegated to the user.

Please see the following site for how to upgrade python in anaconda.

Regards, you.