Anaconda/conda-forge on Mac Pro M1

Hi everybody, I’ve been using Anaconda forever, but it’s my first login here on the forum. :grin:

I just started a new job, and they gave me a Mac pro to work with. I was reading about the new M1 processor and everything, I found this article particularly useful.

However, I still have one doubt about it. If I didn’t misunderstand, in the article they suggest using either Anaconda (with Rosetta2 translation), OR to install Miniforge, which sets conda-forge as default and only channel, in order to download packages compiled specifically for the M1.

My question is…can’t I just use Anaconda, and set conda-forge as the only installation channel, to get M1-compiled packages, like it would do with Miniforge?

Thanks for post and the answer to your question is now “Yes, you can just use Anaconda.” :slight_smile: That article was written before we had an M1 Miniconda installer built and before we had a sufficient number of M1 packages in the repo.

We’ve now closed that gap and you can find a link to the latest Miniconda installer for M1 Macs, on our installers page, here: Miniconda — Conda documentation


Uh, that’s awesome to hear! :smiley:
Ok, and just to be completely sure…from your answer, and from the fact the Anaconda page is still trying to make me download a file called “Anaconda3-2021.11-MacOSX-x86_64.pkg”, I assume that for the complete Anaconda distribution the M1 version is not available yet, right?

Absolutely right. M1/osx-arm64 support is still in flight for a few packages, but the goal is to wrap those up for the next Anaconda installer release.

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