Do i still need miniforge?

As of today, Anaconda supports for mac m1 chip. I am using miniforge now. Should I switch to anaconda? If yes why? and if I’m installing anaconda, with miniforge on my system, does that lead to any issues?

I would personally recommend you only have 1 install on your computer that could be the source of the command conda, it’s just less confusing that way.

Miniforge is a alternative to Miniconda that isn’t encumbered with commercial license restrictions, and whose defaults only use repositories that are not encumbered with commercial license restrictions. Both of which only include a minimal set of packages to get conda working.

From a commercial license perspective Anaconda and Miniconda are about the same, but over Miniconda it has many data science packages in the base environment that are all tested to correctly install with each other.

Which one you use depends on the context you are using it in and what you want out of the software. If you are using it in a company with 200 or more employees you should consult the terms of service first: