Where is anaconda prompt? (windows 10) [solved]

i find this course “introduction to python program” on “eduopen” portal. It is an elearning platform, the course is in italian. According to relators, it is a ground base course.
I’m supposed to run “anaconda prompt” from windows search box, as first step of first lesson, and i’ve already failed :confused:
I don’t have it, therefore i’ve installed Python 3.12 [64-Bit Graphical Installer (912.3M)] from anaconda dot com, the only one available for windows.
Now my windows search box shows me anaconda folders catalog, project, solver but still no prompt. I have already restarted the laptop.
That is a 2017 course and not sure how much up to date is, or if there is still support. I’ll try also there though.
My operating system is windows 10.
Do i miss something obvious?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @luca.gube.79 - I just test installed the latest version of Anaconda Distribution (v2024.06) and I am able to find the Anaconda Prompt in my Start Menu after the installation completes. Could you please confirm whether you see Anaconda Prompt in your Start Menu (under a folder named “Anaconda3 (64-bit)”?

thanks for the quit reply.

After my first installation, I had anaconda3 folder under windows>users>myname, but i did not have anaconda listed on the start button, which raised some suspicion. I’ve tried to lauch some random application/py files under scripts folder, which actually run dos-like black windows, then return some writing message and closed itself so fast i couldn’t read.
My installation was default but i’ve checked the “remove installation folder something” option.

I’ve uninstalled anaconda and re installed from your link, keeping everything default.
Now anaconda folder is listed in the start menu and i have anaconda prompt.

Thank you.

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