A doubt about anaconda prompt

Hey, I installed the anaconda file from the website and everything is fine. I am following a course on YouTube(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU1WVnMk4E8) he is using something called as Anaconda prompt where can I find it?? I am using a Mac

The Anaconda prompt is only available on Windows, as there are some additional steps needed for Anaconda to work correctly in the command prompt terminal on Windows. Since you are using a Mac and not Windows, you should simply need to open a terminal and then continue following your course. You can search for “Terminal” using the magnifying glass in the top menu.
Also, keep in mind, your folder layout and terminal commands on Mac are different than Windows, so you’ll need to make adjustments to those parts of your course as well. You may find it easier if you find an alternative course that is Mac based.