We are getting segmentation fault error while building a new conda module in python310

Hi Team,
WE are getting the below error while building a new module in python310.
conda_build.metadata:No numpy version specified in conda_build_config.yaml. Falling back to default numpy value of 1.22
Segmentation fault (core dumped). Please suggest


Are you trying to build the module in a new conda environment? I would try that first.
If that fails, please share the contents of your meta.yaml file, so we can try to reproduce the problem.

Thanks for your response

The contents of the meta.yaml is as attached

Sanuja V

It looks like you are trying to build the ‘six’ package on a linux machine using the package source from pypi.org. It is going to be easier to build the package from the source using ‘conda build’ tool instead.

You can grab the ‘six’ source code from here:
Files :: Anaconda.org.

You should download the latest ‘noarch’ source.

1). Extract the tarball contents somewhere
2). Install the ‘conda-build’ package: ‘conda install conda-build’
3). Create a new conda environment and activate it.
4). Switch directories to the ‘recipe’ folder in the downloaded and extracted source tree.
5). Run ‘conda build .’ in this directory,

Hi Stephan

I am trying to build the six package using cobsa-build. And it works good for python3.7 and giving a segmentation fault for python310…

We have conda-six and six-recipe folder…conda build was already installed and we have a conda environment already available.

We are building conda modules to install in linux servers.

The admin package used for build is miniconda-python310-23.5.2-0_admin.x86_64

Please suggest

Sanuja V

Hi Sanuja,

Sorry for not replying to your message sooner. Can you paste the relevant build output from running conda-build with Python 3.10 below, so I can see the complete error message?

Thank you.