Video up on "Inside the PyScript Source"

I did an 8.5 min “unboxing” style video on PyScript. Instead of just showing demos, I show how to get the source and build it yourself. I then do a walkthrough of the major parts of the code, starting with the entry points.

I’m planning a longer tutorial, but with a twist. It’s in the vein of a “Write Yourself A…” where I walk through showing people how to write something like PyScript. It’s a lot of new technologies for people, so perhaps it would help onboard some folks.

I’d also like to do a better job here answering questions and posting video tips.


Very good video. Please create part 2.

I much prefer written tuitional material - perhaps backup with a Video . If a Video, then is preferable on your Site and not YouTube.

I wrote an article on building PyScript from source using Paul’s video to get started.

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