Updating packages in new installation on Mac

I am unable to update any package due to an error while ‘Solving environment:’ It always flags a package that is causing an inconsistency within the environment.

Can you help me with this error?

I am also unable to download ‘conda install anaconda-clean’ to my Terminal in order to remove and reinstall anaconda. It gives me the same environmental inconsistency error due to the same packages.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve ended up in that state - that is definitely frustrating.

Are you able to roll it back to an earlier state before you got into an inconsistent state?
list revisions made to environment: conda list -n ENVNAME --revisions
restore environment to a revision: conda install -n ENVNAME --revision NUMBER

You can install a new version of Miniconda or Anaconda without removing/uninstalling the previous one - you just need to choose a different installation location. You can then use that new installation to manage the environments in the old one.

Is this your base environment? Best practice is often to install the packages you need and do updates in a separate environment from base - leaving your base environment for keeping conda and its dependencies up to date.