Inconsistent base environment, cannot install anything

My Anaconda “base” env says it is inconsistent. I cannot install anything. I was trying “conda install anaconda” to update it. But it shows me a hige list of inconsistent packages and then trying to “solve” the environments. After several failures it says it found conflicts and looking for incompatible packages. It is now running. Last time it happened it went a full night and a full day before I had to kill it. I shall now let it run again over the week end.

But is there anything else I can do?

How can I completely de-install and reinstall anaconda, if needed. Apparently I was not able to do it. (I tried to install anaconda-clean, but it went into spiral)

Any advise will be very helpful.

I am running in Windows 10 64 bit.



Good morning,

You can roll back to a previous state where your packages where working properly by making use of the revisions command:

conda list --revisions

conda install --revision N

With the latest command you can select the number of revision that you want, alternatively you can skip the anaconda-clean command and continue with the instructions here:

(Uninstalling Anaconda Distribution — Anaconda documentation)