Unexpected error during Navigator startup after fresh install

Get this message after installing on new precision laptop, used to work fine on my old laptop.
Initialization circle never finishes.

I uninstalled and reinstalled, and problem remains.


I have the same problem as you, I tried reinstalling and ordering a reset, but nothing worked
Here are two urls I found, but they are of no use to m


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Had similar issue. The user path variable was messed up. Please check and resolve.
In my case, %PY_HOME% had quotes which had issues while getting resolved. Removed them.
Earlier it has quotes around variable %PY_HOME%.
To verify I did invoke anaconda power shell and it started clean later on (initially it will throw errors in command prompt). :+1:

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i have this problem over and over again, I have tried all the solutions given but still failed. I give up, i think i’m gonna uninstall anaconda soon