[Showcase] 'The 7 GUIs' in PyScript

A couple days after the Big PyScript Announcement, just as I was wondering what I might build with it, a post about The 7 GUIs, a GUI programming benchmark created by Eugen Kiss as part of his Master’s thesis. The benchmark consists of 7 ‘foundational’ GUI challenges that are meant to represent typical tasks in GUI programming - interacting with buttons and fields, form validation, realtime and event-triggered interaction, and so on.

So today I’m sharing my Implementation of the 7 GUIs in PyScript.

The demos include implementations of:

  • Counter
  • Temperature Converter
  • Flight Booker
  • Timer
  • CRUD
  • Circle Drawer
  • Spreadsheet

Source code, explanations, and some remarks about ‘gotchas’ I ran into along the way are in an accompanying blog post. The code is by no means perfect - sparsely commented, unoptomized and - in the case of the Spreadsheet program - not entirely finished. And it will probably be very broken on some browsers/OS’s. But I wanted to get the examples out there in case they are helpful to others who are diving into PyScript.