Reinstall Spyder(Anaconda3) offline


Recently, I deleted an old pandas module/folders inside of the Anaconda3 folder on a user’s machine while trying to install a newer version of said module and now Spyder(anaconda3) doesn’t want to open while clicking on the app through the Windows Start menu. I’ve tried restoring the folders from the recycling bin, but the program still won’t open.

Due to that, I want to uninstall and reinstall Spyder(anaconda3) on a user’s standalone laptop (Windows 10 Pro). I’ve seen options for pip installing, but for security reasons, this machine is not allowed to touch any kind of internet source, that means offline installs only. I’m new to offline installations and can barely find any info on this problem while researching online, as most forums mention online installation methods.

I would appreciate if someone can give guidance or point me in the right direction. If there are any other questions/info you may need to help find a solution to this issue, I’ll be glad to provide.

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from ktsh.tanaka.2020 to matthewlennon23

Sounds like a lot of trouble.
This matter can be executed in a very simple process. However, this is not possible with Pro Edition and Enterprise Edtion.

  1. First, Windows, which is exactly the same as Windows that exists offline and can be connected online, secures the installation machine.

  2. Download the Anaconda installation file from the following URL.
    Anaconda | Anaconda Distribution

  3. This file will be installed in C: \ [user] \ [usr] \ download. Note [user] is different for each machine you are using, so please read it as appropriate.

  4. Copy Anaconda3-2002.5-Installer.exe in the corresponding folder to the SD card or USB memory.

  5. Copy this file to the PC you want to install and install it. However, I think that you will be prompted to download from Microsoft Shop or security software will issue a warning, but please ignore it.

Please note that if you are offline, you will have to reinstall all files when applying or uploading security patches.

We hope the success.

Regards, you.