Recommended Boot Camps?

Can anyone recommend any Data Science bootcamps?

I have a technical background but limited programming experience. Looking for a structured program to guide me through the process, preferably reasonably priced. Especially if you have attended any bootcamps yourself or know someone who has.


Data Science Inifinity is one of the best programs I have found:

DSI gives you the ability to complete at your own pace, with direct access to the creator (Andrew) who has experience hiring for DS roles, and so teaches practical skills in ways that are immediately useful.

Every couple months they seem to put on a 50% off sale - so may be worthwhile to wait for that!


Another topic that folks may find interesting


Not a boot camp but Kaggle has some good tutorials to get started with it. You might want to try it out and see if it keeps sparking your interest.

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Hi Susan,

I’ve found out about this kind of bootcamps for anybody who is interested into IT next generation, please take a look and hope that this help you

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