Child Interested in Learning Python

My cousin is around 12 years old and has shown interest in learning to code! Does anyone have any recommendations for online resources where she can go and learn more, in a safe, educational environment?


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This is what I used to start Python even though I had been coding and building things professionally for years. It’s a good, foundational start. It’s a $30 book/multimedia package, but if you look at the bottom the first few chapters are free to check out.


(Full disclosure: I am a co-founder of AutoAuto.)

I highly recommend checking out AutoAuto, as it was formed with exactly this purpose in mind: providing a safe, educational environment for students to learn Python (and also to use their Python skills to program self-driving RC cars equipped with Raspberry Pis).

AutoAuto provides an online platform where students learn the basics of Python (as well as data science and AI/ML concepts) and can immediately start writing lines of code to make their cars drive and gradually do more advanced things (e.g. pedestrian detection, autonomous driving via image processing and neural networks).

The courses and cars are for sale via the website, but they also now offer a “virtual” option where you can program a version of the same car in a virtual space online via your browser.

As someone who helped start the company, I am biased (of course) but I believe it’s a solid and engaging way to get into programming as it provides a very fun application/demonstration of what programming can do in the real world.