Learning Videos Pathetic Quality

I’m trying hard to “get started” via the learning->get started with Anaconda path.
Certain videos are pathetic quality, eg. the first 2 Jupyter videos. Resolution is so low that it is basically impossible to follow what’s happening on the screen.
I can absolutely not comprehend what to do, as I can’t read what the instructor demos or types.

I wonder how such bad quality stuff even makes it to be posted? In particular, in a “getting started” section which people like me (some basic programming experience, but nothing at all Anaconda, Jupyter etc.) urgently need to - guess what - get started?

Honestly, I’m kind of stuck in the learning process and don’t know how to proceed. I’m a methodical worker/learner, and if some steps in the learning path can’t be taken, I get highly confused.


“Create a simple program in VS Code”.
The introductory slide says “2. create a conda environment to run that program”

And then:

nothing. No explanation on how to create the environment, nor how to run the program in this new environment.

This is beyond embarrassing. Sloppy module creation & quality control.


Hi tommyb, Thank you for your feedback. We’re taking a look at these issues now with the goal to make improvements on quality and clarity.


New advanced data visualization capabilities seem much further off and ‘hard to picture’ without the ability to even experience YouTube visualization technology (or similar). Is interpreting grainy videos some higher level idea to implement some style of learning? That seems ‘hard to picture’ also. I am still appreciative for the resources, but it is ‘easy to picture’ many that are not. Get the picture? I can understand if you are blinded by the number of picture “pixels” in this paragraph, but I’m primarily trying to just trying to get across the ‘(my opinion data) point’ that poor seed quality such as this doesn’t seem to help the community grow as fast as possible. But then again how would I know, because I don’t have access powerful data visualization tools… (bad jokes don’t mean I’m not appreciative- just putting my vote in : ) )