Learning Videos Pathetic Quality

I’m trying hard to “get started” via the learning->get started with Anaconda path.
Certain videos are pathetic quality, eg. the first 2 Jupyter videos. Resolution is so low that it is basically impossible to follow what’s happening on the screen.
I can absolutely not comprehend what to do, as I can’t read what the instructor demos or types.

I wonder how such bad quality stuff even makes it to be posted? In particular, in a “getting started” section which people like me (some basic programming experience, but nothing at all Anaconda, Jupyter etc.) urgently need to - guess what - get started?

Honestly, I’m kind of stuck in the learning process and don’t know how to proceed. I’m a methodical worker/learner, and if some steps in the learning path can’t be taken, I get highly confused.

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“Create a simple program in VS Code”.
The introductory slide says “2. create a conda environment to run that program”

And then:

nothing. No explanation on how to create the environment, nor how to run the program in this new environment.

This is beyond embarrassing. Sloppy module creation & quality control.

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Hi tommyb, Thank you for your feedback. We’re taking a look at these issues now with the goal to make improvements on quality and clarity.

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