R kernel error in Jupyter Notebook

I operate in a Windows 11 environment. I have upgraded my Anaconda Individual Edition to version 2.1.1. I have also upgraded R to version 4.1.2. Now my R Jupyter Notebook is giving a kernel error. The R environment in Anaconda Navigator uses the 3.6.1 as the latest version of R. The R Jupyter Notebook used to work when I had R version 4.0.3. The Python notebook still works. The earliest R installation on my laptop is 4.0.1. Any suggestions?

I suspect that the version of R Kernel package you are using is not the correct one for the version of R you are trying to run against with Anaconda. You need to make sure that you have a version of the R Kernel package that is built for the version of R that Anaconda is using.

1). I would try launching RStudio if you have it installed, then type R.home() at the command prompt. This will tell you which version of R is version that is currently active on your machine.

2). Try following the installation steps outlined below to install the correct IRKernel for this version of R:

3). Attempt to open Jupyter notebooks and try selecting the R Kernel that shows up there.

Does it work now?

Stephen Weller
Anaconda Support Engineer