Processing speed has been decreased

We notice the processing speed decrease after we upgrade Anaconda Professional from v3.8 to v3.9, the speed has decreased to 25% than before, how to fix it?

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dear jack1.

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It seems that the execution speed is slowing down due to the increase in code due to the bug fix.
Since it is difficult to speed up the programming language itself called Python, there is only a way to speed up the hardware.

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Dear ktsh.tanaka.2020,
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Can you provide us some way to improve our speed?

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dear jack1.

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To speed up Anaconda itself, you have to update your hardware. For example, CPU from Core5 to Core7, RAM from 16GB to 32GB, HDD replaced with SSD, etc.

However, Python scripts using Anaconda can be speed up with optimizations.

I would like you to refer to the following URL for details, but it is possible by improving the algorithm.

Besides, there are many internal errors during Python execution. For example, in the following cases, the execution speed will be slightly slower due to passing through the conditional branch of Exception.

/home/tanaka/anaconda3/lib/python3.9/site-packages/prophet/ FutureWarning: The frame.append method is deprecated and will be removed from pandas in a future version. Use pandas.concat instead.

To avoid this, it is possible to speed things up by updating the script to avoid that error.

Another option is to use cython.

In particular, speed improvements can be expected when using fixed data type data in scalar or vector calculations. In fact, it is used in numpy and scipy.

Anaconda can also use cython, so you should consider using it for scripts that need to be accelerated.

Please use it as a reference.

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