Plotly visualization in Excel

Hello Anaconda community!

I would like to request a library to be added between 400 libraries already coming into Python excel.
This particular library is by far the best library for visualization in Python, and it is Plotly library.
Currently Plotly has massive adoption in Dash apps, but I believe that it has the biggest potential in the corporate world within the Excel viz, as it would extend Excel visualization capability by a good margin. Currently adopted libraries are Matplotlib and Seaborn which are far behind Plotly’s capabilities.

Hoping for positive response.

Borivoj Grujicic, MBE

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I completely agree with you. The good news: Plotly is actually already in there! The problem is that Excel can’t display Plotly’s output. We recognize the value and are working with Microsoft to find the best solution.


Great news! Hope for things to get resolved :pray: :writing_hand: