Not able to open Anaconda Navigator and Anaconda Prompt does not recognize conda commands

I have never had an issue with Anaconda installation and with Python virtual environments until recently when I tried to update my Anaconda installation.
I uninstalled the previous version as it was creating problems since I disabled the automatic loading of the base environment on the command prompt(not anaconda prompt) using this command: conda config --set auto_activate_base false. I did this because I had enabled it before for some other project. Since then whenever I installed any library with anaconda prompt, the library would get installed but the environment in which I was would get deactivated after installation of the library. Any conda command also would cause the environment to get deactivated after it was executed whether it was base or any environment I created. It would start behaving like command prompt except that I could still run conda commands. So I decided to uninstall the existing installation with a new one. So I uninstalled it and removed all the other related anaconda configuration files that were not in the anaconda3 folder.

After downloading and installing the latest Anaconda distribution, I have started to get an error. The installation itself doesn’t show any error while installing but does take a long time to install(around 5-10mins). However, after the installation is completed, Anaconda Navigator does not respond after I click its shortcut. And Anaconda prompt throws an error and starts behaving like Windows cmd prompt and does not support conda commands at all. I’m sharing an image of the error.

Since this happened, I have added the anaconda3 folder, anaconda3>Scripts folder, and anaconda3>Library>bin folder to the environment path variables but nothing seems to solve the issue. I have also uninstalled, cleaned other anaconda/conda files, and reinstalled Anaconda many times but to no avail.

Please help me resolve this problem.

I have reposted my previous post here because I realized that this problem falls under the Bugs and Issues category rather than in product help(where I have posted before). I apologize for double posting. Also, I’m not able to delete the topic in product help category.