Anaconda Prompt closes immediately after setting up virtual environment

I recently installed Miniconda3 (Conda 4.12.0, Python 3.9.7). I then created a virtual environment and attempted to install a list of packages from a requirements.txt file using conda install <package>. However, many of these packages were not available through the Conda channels, so I used pip install <package> to install those.

Since doing this, the Anaconda Prompt closes immediately after opening and is unusable. I also cannot open Windows Command prompt (same issue), so it appears that these two things are related.

I tried reinstalling Miniconda, but this didn’t help. The Powershell version of the Anaconda Prompt works, but I would rather use the standard version - AND be able to use the Windows Command Prompt when needed.

Is this a known issue? Any guidance on this?

Thanks in advance.

dear mrmichae.

thank you for your posting.
This issue seems to be system specific rather than a known issue.
At the moment, with conda4.12.0, the only known issues are listed at the URL below.

Different versions of python have different problems, and different versions of windows have different problems.

Of course, there are also relationships with other applications and security software, and it has not been completely elucidated.

It’s very annoying, but the best solution may be to build a dedicated server and client for anaconda.

Regards, you.

Thanks @ktsh.tanaka.2020. Unfortunately setting up a separate server is not an option for me.

So far, I’ve tried several things including the following (all ideas from Command Prompt Opens and Closes Immediately in Windows 10 - 9 Solutions):

  • Create a copy of cmd.exe and change the name
  • Use Windows 10 system file checker (SFC)
  • Use the CHKDSK /F Command to check for disk errors
  • Delete troublesome keys from the registry

None of these options worked. Since then, I’ve reverted the registry key(s) back to their previous state.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? If so, how did you resolve?

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dear mrmichae.

thank you for your reply.
There is nothing wrong with creating a system that is easy for you to use, with your own hands, in your own way.

What we want is to maintain this community in order to think and discuss with each other and solve it if an error or problem occurs.

This is because I think that distributions called open source are systems created by users themselves, not systems created by manufacturers or vendors.

The experience you gained in this case may be experience that other users do not have, or it may be experienced by users with the same problem somewhere on the planet.

Currently, various issues and ideas regarding conda are being discussed at the URL below. We hope for your reference.

At present, similar problems are not subject to discussion. However, there may be some helpful information.

We sincerely wish you success.

Regards, you.