Multiple Python installs need to link within Anaconda

I had difficulty installing Tensorflow in Python on my Mac M1.

During the struggle, I created:

  1. a “USR/local” python version ( Python 3.11).
  2. I also created an “applications/anaconda” python version (Python 3.9.13),
  3. and an “OPT/anaconda3/bin” version (Python 3.9.13).
  4. I further created an “OPT/homebrew/bin” version (Python 3.11)
    and finally:
  5. a “USR/local/bin version” (Python 3.6.7).

I want to link my installed Anaconda to the Python 3.11. And I want to uninstall the others, unless they are part of my Mac.

Can you advise me on how to: A: Use Anaconda Navigator Environments to create or import my local Python 3.11 environment. B: which of the other installations I can and should remove?

I eventually gave up on Tensorflow. Now I have to fix my system.


I’ll also accept advice on Tensorflow installation!