Microbit libary in pyscirpt?


I’m a teacher who have worked with microbit (from BBC) and python. When I saw pyscript I thought it would be nice to load data (ie temperature) from the microbit on to a weebsite using pyscript. But the microbit python libaray is not abaialbe yet in pyscript. Will it be available in the future?

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Hi @svenar89 ,

That’s a really great question. I know some of the folks in the MicroBit foundation and can reach out to them.

I know they have a new Python editor, that’s completely browser based, to be released at EuroPython. It means they also have (presumably) some JavaScript code for interacting with the device, which we can wrap with PyScript. This is definitely something I’ll look into.

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Thanks @ntollervey for sharing that, exciting times.

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