Basic Scraper - help please :)

Hi all!
I’ve got a basic scraper using beautiful soup that I’ve been using but I don’t have access to my normal PC currently and would like to still run it on my laptop without any installation, which lead me to finding PyScript which is a cool idea. My python knowledge is basically non-existent - I wrote the original script a while ago just by piecing together info on google.

Anyway I’m trying to run it in PyScript and it seems to run OK, no error messages or anything but I also don’t get any output. Not sure what is going wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

async function main () {
    let pyodide = await loadPyodide();
    await pyodide.loadPackage("micropip");
    const micropip = pyodide.pyimport("micropip");
    await micropip.install('beautifulsoup4');
    await pyodide.runPython(`
        from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
        import requests

        for x in range(1,15):
            url = ""+str(x)+"/"
            req = requests.get(url)
            soup = BeautifulSoup(req.text, "html.parser")
            player_text=soup.find_all("a",{"class":"Nowrap name F-link playernote"})
            for i in player_text:

Many thanks!