Issues with downloading Anaconda Distribution

The downloading on Mac is not completing giving a message that the package is not complete.

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dear FADM_IN.

thank you for posting.
It seems that Anaconda for Mac is distributed in an incomplete state.
Please check the md5 checksum.
I would appreciate it if you could check the method on the following site.

The files and md5 for 2022-05 MacOS are shown below. 304.8M 2022-06-07 12:40:25 24d985d2d380c51364d4793eb1840d29

Anaconda3-2022.05-MacOSX-x86_64.pkg 591.0M 2022-05-10 13:22:02 04f6171ffc042a9712f1365ad20dfd4f

If there are any problems with it, please reply again.

Regards, you.

Thank you so much for the information, it is giving me a message
md5: big_huge_file.iso: No such file or directory.

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dear FADM_IN.

thank you for reply.

It seems that the correct answer is not returned because it does not show the correct procedure.

The specific steps are shown at the URL below.

Reproducing it here

  1. Download the anaconda3 pre-installation archive.
  2. For example, let’s say you store files for your M1 Mac in /Users/user/download/.
  3. Its md5 is displayed with the following command.
    md5 /Users/user/download/
  4. Its value is 24d985d2d380c51364d4793eb1840d29
    , the correct file has been downloaded.

In recent years, I think that there are many package problems due to download errors and installation problems.

Before installation, please check md5 etc. Is it the correct file? We recommend that you verify this.

Regards, you.