Can’t install anaconda on my m3 macbook air

i’ve tried it so many times, but the installation always fails.

hope there’s someone who can help.

Hi Jason, welcome to the community and I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. I notice that you’re running the installer with a name that ends in That installer is for older Intel-based Macs. Since you have a newer M3 Mac, you’ll need the installer that ends in You can find it listed on our website as “64-Bit (M1) Command Line Installer” on the download page.

Let me know if the other installer resolves your problem.

Thank you for raising this and we’re currently working on updating the download page to make it clearer which installer should be used for which Macs.

aha, i see. thank you so much!!!

the M1 command line installer works!
thank you!

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Hello, i need your help please. I can’t install the anaconda on my MacBook Air 2015. The installation is still failing. Please help me

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues. Can you provide a little more information about the error you’re getting when you install? Also, what’s the file name of the installer you’re using? Since you have a 2015 Mac, it’s likely Intel-powered, so you’ll need a different installer than the user above.


I’ve been having the same problem on my Mac M3
I downloaded the one that ends in and it didn’t work