Sha256 wrong on current Miniconda download page?

I downloaded the Miniconda linux x86 installer today (Feb 28 2024) on different computer, different linux versions, using curl, wget and browser, different continents, and all downloads get the same file, with sha256sum returning b978856ec3c826eb495b60e3fffe621f670c101150ebcbdeede4f961f22dc438 (using the command line or a python program) whereas on the download page it claims that it should be c9ae82568e9665b1105117b4b1e499607d2a920f0aea6f94410e417a0eff1b9c`
I downloaded some of the other installers, all of them have a different sha256 than what is listed on the download page: Miniconda — Anaconda documentation . Maybe the checksums have not been updated?

  • Claudio