Issues with Auto-Enclosing Text Selections

Previously, in Anaconda, one could select code and, by clicking on the quotation mark button, quotation marks would automatically enclose the selected text. This functionality applied similarly to parentheses, curly braces, and square brackets. Now, selecting text and attempting to enclose it with these characters results in the deletion of the selected text, which seems counterproductive.

Why thie disappear ?? It became a pain to code with this new useless notebook feature !

Hey Maxime, thanks for joining the Anaconda Community!

This was a change made to JupyterLab a while ago, and whilst we benefit from all the great work they do over there, it does also mean we follow their default changes.

Definitely a topic that divides opinion, as the thread there shows. Fortunately this meant that they had to provision for both preferences, so you can re-enable it by clicking Settings → auto close brackets.

Hope this gets you back to coding at speed!

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Thanks a lot for this quick answer and solution :slight_smile: