Jupyter Notebook autocomplete not appearing

Any help - lauching Jupyter notebook via anaconda navigator - is not showing the autocomplete function.

Hi @shampakumar - thanks for joining the Anaconda Community!

Can you provide a bit more detail on the autocomplete functionality that you’re talking about? Maybe some screenshots?

If you’re talking about the auto-closing of brackets and quotes, we have another thread open here if so.


I hope the OP is talking about “intellisense” for Jupyter Notebooks, i.e. code recommendations/autocomplete without having to press tab. I have been trying to install the jupyterlab-lsp Language Server Protocol integration for JupyterLab extension and receive the messages and errors listed below. As a newb to Python, I am not sure how to proceed:


Server Companion

This package has indicated that it needs a corresponding server extension. Please contact your Administrator to update the server with one of the following commands:

pip install jupyterlab-lsp

conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab-lsp

You should make sure that the indicated packages are installed before trying to use the extension. Do you want to continue with the extension installation?


Extension Installation Error
An error occurred installing @jupyter-lsp/jupyterlab-lsp.

Error message:

Please install Node.js and npm before continuing installation. You may be able to install Node.js from your package manager, from conda, or directly from the Node.js website (https://nodejs.org).

I’ll add that I found some discussion indicating this may be because the extension requires a version of Jupyter Notebooks beyond the 3.6.3 that we have running from Anaconda Navigator