Issues when installing software using Conda

When I installed the custEM (a software for FEM modeling) on my MacBook based on the guide file using “conda env create”, it always reminded me “Found conflicts! Looking for incompatible packages” (shown in the figure below). Can anybody tell me how could I solve the problem?

Thanks ahead!

This command finds a file called “environment.yml” in the directory you run the command, then creates the environment from that file. Unless you provide the contents of this file it’s impossible to tell what the issue might be.

This is the file of “environment.yml” in the custEM directory.

I was able to resolve these dependencies on Linux without any issue.

There might be something wrong with your install, make sure the environment doesn’t already exist:

conda remove -n custEM --all

Otherwise you might need to do a clean install of however you’ve installed conda.

Actually, I’ve not installed anything expect the packages installed during installing the anaconda. Besides, I’ve reloaded the anaconda for several times, but it still reminded me like that above.