Issue installing Anaconda on my system

Hi, I get error while installing the Anaconda package:

  1. Failed to initialize Anaconda directories
  2. Fail to run post install script

I need help on what to do

Hi Anthony,

We are happy to help, which operating system are you currently using?

Thank you for using Anaconda!!

I’m unable to re-install on my MacBook pro with Monterey. Keeps failing.
As a result my terminal doesn’t recognize any conda inputs.

Help please.

A little more detail - I’m able to launch Spyder via the anaconda navigator when it launches from my Finder, but am unable to launch from my Terminal because of the failure to install the dmg package.

I am using windows 12

I am using windows 11

Good afternoon,

Thank you so much for contacting us, I’m going to send you a link with a guide that explains how to fully remove Anaconda, this will take just a couple of minutes:

This guide explains how to install it again:

Please follow those guides and let us know if that worked for you, we are eager to help you.