Is conda cli free for use


Is conda cli with miniconda free for use in an organization if I only use conda-cli+mamba for installs from free channels like conda-forge and bioconda? Note: I am only talking about the conda cli and not the Anaconda GUI

I work in an organization with more than 200 employees - that’s why I am emphasizing my question is on use of conda cli

The conda-forge page - Conda channels — conda 4.12.0.post3+56f0213c documentation

Mamba license - mamba/LICENSE at master · mamba-org/mamba · GitHub



The terms of service only applies to the packages in the ( package repository, not to the conda software itself (which has an open source BSD license).

You are free to use conda with any other source of packages (conda-forge, their own packages, etc) without worrying about the Anaconda commercial terms of service.

Please let me know if this answers your question.


I hope it is okay to comment here for clarification. In a company above 200 employees without a commercial license, it is legal to use conda and any package that is not inside the Anaconda Repository, and it is not legal to use the GUIs as the Navigator, Spyder, Jupyter etc?

I am in a company with less than 200 employees - but would like to avoid having to change too many things if we get above 200.


conda is an open source projects with 3-clause BSD license. conda/LICENSE.txt at master · conda/conda · GitHub

The Terms of Service you are referring to applies only to packages from the package repository on (Anaconda Packages) It is not a matter of GUI or not GUI - it is a matter of installing the packages built by Anaconda and available on Anaconda Packages.

There is a lot of value in the packages provided by Anaconda though.