Is conda cli free for use


Is conda cli with miniconda free for use in an organization if I only use conda-cli+mamba for installs from free channels like conda-forge and bioconda? Note: I am only talking about the conda cli and not the Anaconda GUI

I work in an organization with more than 200 employees - that’s why I am emphasizing my question is on use of conda cli

The conda-forge page - Conda channels — conda 4.12.0.post3+56f0213c documentation

Mamba license - mamba/LICENSE at master · mamba-org/mamba · GitHub



The terms of service only applies to the packages in the ( package repository, not to the conda software itself (which has an open source BSD license).

You are free to use conda with any other source of packages (conda-forge, their own packages, etc) without worrying about the Anaconda commercial terms of service.

Please let me know if this answers your question.