Is Anaconda free for small business

Dear Anaconda Team and Community,
I am a GIS analyst working for a small business (under 30 employees). I have used Anaconda for research and I just love the platform. Unfortunately, as I am the only Anaconda user in the company and I only need some Python geo-packages occasionally, my boss is hesitating to purchase the Commercial Edition. Could you please clarify, whether Anaconda is free for small business, this clause from the Terms of Use is confusing me:

To avoid confusion, “commercial activities” are any use of the Repository which is NOT:

  • use by a 501(c)(3) non-profit research institution in connection with non-commercial activities, such as research to address societal needs and global challenges, public policy development, or the advancement of science for the general good, where such work will not result in revenue to the institution, or use by entities in common control with each other with fewer than 200 employees in aggregate.

Thank you in advance.
Stay healthy and safe.

Appologies, just talked to the chat bot, I am allowed to use the Individual Edition.


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That is correct, you can use the individual edition since you are working for a company with less than 200 employees.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.