Anaconda License

I am an employee of a company with more than 200 employees. I reached out via email due to concerns about Anaconda’s licensing policy.

I have a few questions.

  1. I discovered that there was a change in the terms in September 2020, and it was clarified that free usage of the Anaconda Repository is not allowed for commercial activities. As per the terms of use, companies employing over 200 individuals are required to procure a Business or Enterprise license for commercial usage.

However, Anaconda’s founder, Peter Wang, mentioned on Reddit that using miniconda + conda-forge would not be subject to the changed terms. I’m curious if this statement is accurate.

Would changing the default channel from Anaconda Repository to conda-forge make it possible for commercial use?

  1. Could you clarify the distinction between Business and Enterprise in Anaconda’s pricing policy? If I need to purchase a license, it seems I have to choose between the two, but I’m unsure about their differences. According to the commercial-edition-faq, the Enterprise license appears to be a site license. Is this the license required for bulk purchases? Are there any minimum purchase quantities associated with it?

  2. How will license management be handled? Let’s assume I’ve purchased a large number of licenses. How can I allocate these licenses to individuals? Will there be a separate console for license management, similar to Adobe’s console? Or will it be possible to manage them like floating licenses?